Ozark: Over 29 Million Views on Netflix

The series ” Ozark”, which is presented on “Netflix”, has reached more than 29 million views, according to a recent press release from the digital entertainment network. This means that the series is now one of the most successful productions on the screen, as was the case with the famous Spanish series “La Casa de Papel”, which was watched by more than 65 million viewers, according to “Netflix”, whose subscriber base has increased by 16 million since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic and the introduction of mandatory home containment in a large number of countries around the world.

The American series, which many fans and critics have compared to the successful “Breaking Bad” series, revolves around the world of drug dealing and money laundering. Crime, family, money and business are all themes that serve as the plot’s material and which guarantee its success.

The series tells the story of Martin, an accountant who lived in Chicago with his wife Wendy and two children, before he and his family were threatened by a Mexican criminal gang that disrupted his peaceful life and forced him and his family to move to the coastal town of Ozark, Missouri, where he set up several money-laundering projects. Other problems also begin with some of the city’s criminals, as well as with the police.

The main role of this series, which is in its third season, is played by actor Jason Bateman who also directed some of its episodes. Laura Linney also plays in it, along with Julia Garner who won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. The script was written by Bill Dubuque in collaboration with Mark Williams.

Critics have differing opinions about the series. While many have praised the impressive performances of the main character and the amount of excitement, others have felt that the work is not out of the ordinary and hasn’t added anything new.

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