Jewish Artists: Women among Women in Jerusalem

Women Amongst Themselves

Collectif, “AS SHE TRANSFORMS”, The Jerusalem Print Workshop, Jerusalem

This exhibition brings together printed works (engravings, etc.) from the collection of the “Jerusalem Print Workshop”. It brings together works by ten creators who used various printing techniques in their work.

In this ensemble, there is a powerful and original poetry. The women transform the appearance of the bodies, take it out of an exhibitionism and eroticism of connivance. The artists fluidify the limits between the outside and the inside, the relationship between intimacy and extime, the tension between matter and spirit.

The ambition of such a statement is rare. It is no longer men who make queens. Such a project allows the unthought and the invisible to become palpable through the animation of forms that refuse to sacrifice everything to the lack of real life and in what certainly comes from the cerebrality of art, but which here does not sacrifice anything to the emotion that it must arouse…

Against a carnal lack, a feeling of forced abstinence, the plastic surgeons track down what Pierre Mabille called “the Mirror of the marvellous”. But here he refuses to accept any clichés.

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