Jewish Artist : Carole Bellaiche, Young Girls in Flowers

Carole Bellaïche was only in second grade when she decided to photograph some of the girls in her class. Her aim was to make them look attractive: she put make-up on them, writes scripts, and dresses them in costumes in the big family home.

This “work” looks like a game as strange as it is light and serious. The creator did not consider herself to be a photographer. However, She will become one very quickly, after high school.

She started to make books of portraits of actors and actresses but gave up and forgot her first photographs and her films slept for years, and faded.

Many years later, she thought about it again and she digs them out of her past as a teenager. But they have been edited to withstand the test of time. Most of them are eaten away, partially erased or redrawn by the chemical and reckless work of time.

Despite this, they still retain a particular formal beauty. There is a framing and a vision of a rare freshness and a very particular sensitivity. The young girl in bloom looks like she is in absolute rest to her models since they share the same age… Trouble is often present in this game that the artist innocently creates with her friends.

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