Riyad Mahrez Angers Moroccans (VIDEO)

Doesn’t Riyadh Mahrez hold the Moroccans dear to his heart? His last words, during a live on Instagram, caused a real angry reaction.

The Algerian Manchester City player’s comments, which were widely shared on the web, were a reminder of Les Fennecs’ 2019 CAF Africa Cup of Nations triumph, and he also tackled the Moroccans in the process. “This title belongs to us, the Algerians, not the Moroccans. Everyone was against us and the Moroccans didn’t appreciate the fact that we were crowned African champions. Our victory bothered them,” said Mahrez.

The player’s comments did not fail to provoke a reaction from the Moroccan web, and Internet users expressed their anger and indignation at his comments, which were out of place to say the least.

The Moroccans, especially after the Atlas Lions were knocked out in the Round of 16, had supported Algeria. The victory of Les Fennecs was celebrated in several cities of the Kingdom and the scenes of celebration at the closed border between Saidia and Bin-Lajraf prove that this victory did not make the Algerians happy.

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