Jewish Artist: John Offenbach against Preconceived Ideas

John Offenbach has been a well-known London photographer for 25 years. He has worked for international brand campaigns such as “American Express”, “Air France” or “Volkswagen”. He is one of the 200 most influential photographers according to “Lurzers Magazine”.

Currently, he offers the Jewish Museum 34 huge portraits of Jews around the world and in different life-styles. If need be – but it is always the case – he proves that there is no single typology of Jewishness. The project was born after Offenbach traveled the world in search of Jewish identity in 12 countries – from Ethiopia to the Ukraine, from Argentina to China.

The portraits are titled, not by the name of the model, but by their occupation: spy, nobleman, etc…

The photographer hopes that in this way he can normalize identities in order to put an end to the terrible propaganda – which Polanski’s film brings to light and which remains widespread and ready to be reborn.

“JEW. Photographs by John Offenbach” coincides with the publication of the book with the same title, which is supplemented by other images. This book received the “International Photo Awards 2019” in the category Books-People. The photographer knows how to use light to create a real painting. This is the essential quality of the photographer; it is also the most difficult to acquire.

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