Jewish and Israeli artist: Michal Mamit Vorka or the voice of silence

Michal Mamit Vorka: woman and struggle or the “voice” of silence

The emerging Jewish artist Michal Mamit Vorka is a typical example of creators from Ethiopia who have found in Israel a cultural and identity resourcing but who are struggling for a stronger integration in the country where they sometimes experience difficulties.

Michal Mamit Vorka stands as an artist, woman and idealist against male stereotypes and identities and as the voice of a silent minority. She is conscious of the importance of art as a vehicle of relief in the face of certain political, social and cultural discourses.

Raising herself against a certain segregationist fundamentalism, she fights so that ancestral forces are not violated and this in the name of the desire for the immeasurable alert that the Talmud should dictate to those who sometimes in their actions betray it under the pretext that they have other fish to fry.

The Métis body refuses to be delighted or despised. Such a work cannot leave any stone unturned. No matter who speaks behind the artist’s back, those of his paintings contemplate them. Bodies up! And no matter the obsolete manipulators.

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