An Investigation Has Been Opened Regarding the Death of the Chinese Ambassador to Israel

A number of Israeli media outlets have reported that China has opened an investigation on the death of its ambassador to Israel at his home in Tel Aviv on Sunday, with the aim of putting an end to doubts about the cause of the death.

Many analysts and Internet users have expressed doubts about the death, which could be unnatural, as the Jerusalem Post confirmed.

Meanwhile, Israeli police have opened an investigation aimed at finding the cause of the death of the 58-year-old Chinese ambassador, who was found dead in his apartment, but have refused to release their findings. The daily “Haaretz”, for its part, reported that it was a natural death. A heart attack, all the more credible as there is no evidence of a crime. The newspaper confirmed the absence of any sign of physical violence, adding that the death was due to heart problems.

Other Israeli media, quoting the Hebrew state police, said Beijing had decided to send investigators, even after confirming that the death was due to a heart attack and that there was no evidence of a criminal act.

The conspiracy theory was motivated in particular by statements made by this ambassador a few days ago in which he criticised the words of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who, during his visit to Israel a few days ago, had accused China of hiding information about the Coronavirus.

It should be recalled that, during that same visit, Pompeo called on the Jewish State to limit its relations with China.

The Chinese ambassador began his duties in Israel last February, coinciding with the outbreak of the Coronavirus crisis.

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