Counter-Terrorism Front Warns Against Dangers of Extremism

The National Front against Extremism and Terrorism warns against the dangers of extremism that continues to exist and is fueled by the propaganda and outdated discourses of political Islam. Such discourse does not believe in science, development, or stability, and is aimed at destroying the stability, diversity, and exemplary tolerance of Morocco.

The front gave as an example of extremism the negative attitude expressed by the powers of political Islam through their refusal to follow the preventive measures to fight the Coronavirus. These powers have led a campaign to undermine the constitutional institutions, including the monarchy, by calling on people not to respect these measures in some cities and declaring that some measures such as the wearing of masks are haram (religiously forbidden). Add to this the fact that the leader of “Al Adl Wal Ihsane”, one of the movements of political Islam, declared that the Coronavirus is a soldier of Allah. Some supporters of this movement are spreading false information, claiming that the virus does not exist and that it is only a conspiracy, according to the statement that our website has received.

The front, which is celebrating the 4 years of its foundation, considers that the fight against extremism and terrorism begins by limiting the use of religion for political purposes. It also called, in the same statement, for a complete revision of the official educational, cultural, media and religious guidelines, in order to banish the Takfirist mentality, to spread religious tolerance, to encourage the use of logic and science and to share the culture of human rights on all educational levels and state agencies of the country as well as in social life.

Since its foundation, the Front has been fighting against political discourse and practices. Particularly the discourse of political Islam, which spreads the venom of extremism and terrorism under the pretext of freedom of expression when in reality it is only a way of spreading an oppressive mentality that does not believe in democracy, human rights and diversity.

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