Ramadan: The Market Supply Is Normal and Prices Are Falling

Last Thursday, the inter-ministerial commission in charge of supply, prices and quality control reported that markets in all prefectures and regions of the kingdom are still being supplied with basic necessities in a very satisfactory manner.

The supply covers the needs, and the production as well as the import operations undertaken are sufficient to satisfy the demand for the next months, the same source added.

In addition, the commission noted the continued decline in prices of some essential consumer goods and stability for others, compared to the third week of the holy month, with some exceptions that concern price increases of some products between 4 and 8%, knowing that the latter have experienced successive declines in recent weeks, especially for chicken, onions, carrots and potatoes, the statement continued, noting however that price levels remain in general at levels below those recorded during the same period of the month of Ramadan of the previous year.

In the framework of monitoring the supply of basic food products to the markets, price levels and quality and price control operations, the meeting was held under the chairmanship of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Administration Reform, with the participation of the departments concerned.

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