Morocco’s Film Industry Is Falling, Cinemas Are Closed, Actors and Directors Are Out of Work

It might seem strange and out of place to talk about cinema today. However, it is indeed another sector that has been severely affected by Covid-19. Although the confinement allows many of us to watch films or series, new films and series have a long, long time to be released… because film production is on hold. If cinemas are deserted in Morocco and throughout the world, all professions closely or remotely linked to the film industry are also taking a heavy blow. Some directors, such as Nour-Eddine Lakhmari, are living this period with optimism and are finding inspiration and a reason to survive despite this situation.

“I was lucky to finish my series which will be aired during Ramadan. I edited it at home,” said director Yassine Fennane. “But after this, I don’t have any visibility,” he said. Others, who see all their projects suddenly frozen, are much less reassured. Not to mention festivals, like the Cannes Film Festival, whose postponement is seen as a disaster by many professionals. The challenge today is to be able to bring all the new films or series to life in a virtual world, because we know that the deconfinement will be gradual. The obvious question is: how long will the film industry be at a standstill? Also, how will those who make a living from it get by? Let’s hope that after long months of fighting the virus, there is an enthusiasm for the 7th art, a willingness to go out and enjoy cinemas. Because, as we all know, after all the wars, human beings return to the essential and the beautiful things. Cinema is one of them.

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