The Confinement of Foreigners Landing in Israel Might Be Reduced to Four Days

The director of Hadassah Hospital criticized the government’s policy of ignoring data and imposing an inclusive policy, saying that having two corona tests available for anyone coming from abroad can reduce the length of confinement.

Professor Rothstein described how an essential medical device for cancer patients was taken out of service at the hospital, calling for German technicians to repair it. However, they did not want to remain in quarantine in Israel for 14 days.

He criticized the government’s behavior on Tuesday in an interview with Jacob Eichler, saying that the government does not mention the data and that the isolation of returnees from abroad can be replaced by two corona tests and isolation for only four days. 

During the monitoring, we discover the disease when there is a certain amount of virus load, which starts more or less on the fourth day. So if you do a test at landing and another test after four days during the isolation and both tests are negative, then the person can be safely removed from the isolation,” Rothstein said.

The professor has criticized the administration’s handling of several cases over the past few months, Rothstein still says the government is failing to function properly. The restrictions imposed on returnees from countries with no risk or disease at all could be lowered”.

The requirement of two weeks of isolation, regardless of the country of return from abroad, creates difficulties even for the hospital management, Rothstein said in an interview.  

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