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The confinement imposed on citizens around the world has not prevented Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto from communicating with his followers, be it through social networks where his accounts are followed by hundreds of thousands of fans, such as Instagram or Facebook, or through certain applications such as “Telegram”, through which he receives many questions and answers them in great detail.

Question of the day:

Date: 24.03.2020

Topic: Deliverance, fears.

We are waiting for Messiah, should we worry about having a place to live in Jerusalem? And how long should we wait for Messiah to come?

The RAV’s answer : Our wise people tell us that at the time of the temple more than 1 200 000 lambs were brought in korban Pesach, and each korban was for a family, there were many people and yet no one ever complained about not having a place to sleep in Yerushalaim during the three festivals. Our wise men said that His Majesty will move all the synagogues that are outside of Israel to Israel. Don’t worry about the place, it will be a time of great joy. We have to wait for Messiah to come any moment, and then it will be perfect.

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