Abderrahman El Youssoufi Passed Away

The former Prime Minister Abderrahman El Youssoufi died on Friday after being ill for a long time. The announcement was made by Driss Lachgar, the first secretary of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, on his Facebook page.

Abderrahman El Youssoufi was taken to hospital on Sunday 24 May, the day of the Aid Al-Fitr celebration in Morocco. The former First Secretary of the Rose Party and Prime Minister of the 26th government, known as the “government of alternation”, under the reign of the late Hassan II, had to undergo “a medical check-up, as he used to do regularly”. However this time he was due to die.

As a reminder, Mr. Abderrahman El Youssoufi, a native of Tangier on 8 March 1924, among other political and militant responsibilities, led the so-called “government of alternation” from 14 March 1998 to 6 November 2002.

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