Jerusalem Medical Center Brings Joy to Disabled Jewish and Arab Children in Confinement

The Alyn Care Center in Jerusalem makes Jewish and Arab children with disabilities in confinement happy.

Shachar, the educational rehabilitation medical care center within the Alyn Orthopedic Hospital and the Jerusalem Rehabilitation Center, provides medical care, nursing care, and para-medical treatment.

As cases of Coronavirus in Israel are steadily decreasing and restrictions are lifted, the vast majority of the country’s students have been able to resume classes in one form or another.

However, the same is not true for children with severe disabilities, whose condition places them among the high-risk population and therefore forces them to stay at home.

In an attempt to reach out to their students with a message of love, the Shachar staff, the daytime medical educational rehabilitation center at the Alyn Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Jerusalem, decided to visit them at home and delivered toys last Thursday, as well as equipment for activities, a bit of happiness to the children and their equally confined parents.

“Before the outbreak of Coronavirus, children came to school every day to attend physiotherapy, art therapy, drama and other activities, each according to their needs,” said Sigalit Ofer, a clown and medical specialist. 

Shachar is attended by 24 children between the ages of 4 and 18, some of whom are unable to breathe on their own. Given the seriousness of their conditions, bringing them back to school would be too dangerous, even under the special security guidelines presented by the Israeli authorities that provide a framework for the reopening of suitable facilities.

Many students at Alyn are Arab-Israeli or East Jerusalem residents. Shachar staff members therefore not only visited several Arab neighborhoods, but also met and greeted the students’ families.

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