Morocco: Alcohol Sales Resume Strongly After Ramadan

On Thursday, May 28, after a month-long break due to the holy month of Ramadan, and the sober peace that is associated with it, liquor stores were reopened in several cities of the Kingdom. It should be noted that in Rabat, the followers of Bacchus were able to satisfy their thirst as of last Wednesday!

Thus, the excitement has resumed and the pubs are not empty, according to data received by the Moroccan press. Alcohols, wines, beers and other liquors have returned to satisfy a thirsty and hurried customers.

Social networks are trying to publish numerous photos of pubs and grocery stores that sell these kinds of products. The web has been inflamed by the endless pictures of the endless lines of men rushing to buy alcoholic drinks.

Some Internet users quickly concluded that this was a sign of a return to “normal” life. And this, especially with the drop in the number of confirmed cases of people infected with Covid-19 in Morocco.

In addition, the measure taken by the competent authorities to allow the reopening of cafés and restaurants, starting from Friday, May 29, is also a major factor in this return of ambient optimism.

However, some people are probably still unaware of the outright “denial” expressed by the National Association of Coffee Shop and Restaurant Owners in Morocco. The latter, in fact, still refuses a probable reopening, as long as the professionals of the sector will not have the opportunity to meet with the Economic Intelligence Council (CVE).

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