The Egyptian Actor Hassan Hosni Passed Away

The Egyptian actor Hassan Hosni passed away on Saturday at the age of 89 after suffering a heart attack, the National Union of Actors of Egypt said.

The late actor, who was an icon of Arab and Egyptian cinema, was born in 1931 in the ancient city of Cairo, where he led an artistic career that lasted for decades, appearing in some 100 films, plays and television series. Throughout his career, Hassan Hosni has won numerous awards, including Best Actor at the Cairo International Film Festival in 1993, and a similar award at the Alexandria Film Festival in the same year for his role in the film “Fariss Al-Madina”.

Acknowledged on numerous occasions at Arab festivals, the actor had begun his career in secondary roles, notably in the film “Al karnak” in 1975, a mythical film in Egyptian cinema, and “Sawak al-utubis” in 1982, which was a defining moment in his career as an actor.

He was also involved in some notable productions, including “Zawgat ragol mohim” and “Sarek al-farah”, as well as in theater and television work.

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