DGSN: Electronic National Identity Cards for Moroccans Residing Abroad

The Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) announced that it will launch, starting this Monday, an exceptional operation to establish electronic national identity cards (CNIE) for the benefit of members of the Moroccan community residing abroad, who are currently in Morocco due to the application of the state of health emergency and who are required to renew their biometric passports to be able to reach their countries of residence.

This operation is aimed at renewing the CNIE for the benefit of all Moroccan citizens residing abroad, since it is a basic and reference document in the procedure for renewing biometric passports that expired during the period of closure of the Kingdom’s border crossings because of the preventive measures adopted to curb the spread of Coronavirus, the DGSN said in a statement.

The DGSN will work to ensure that all the necessary facilities are provided to carry out this exceptional operation, adds the same source, adding that it has also launched coordination operations with the competent government services to facilitate the obtaining of certificates of consular registration for the benefit of citizens who are unable to obtain this document, which serves as proof of residence.

As with the initiative carried out for the benefit of candidates for baccalaureate examinations, the DGSN states that it will ensure that all health conditions and rules of social distancing are met and complied with in order to guarantee the safety of users and police officers, in accordance with its obligations relating to the application of the state of health emergency to combat the spread of Covid-19, concludes the statement.

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