Moroccans Wait for the Containment to Be Lifted to Go to the Hammam

The Moroccan people love Hammam, which is an integral part of their culture, regardless of their social class. They are used to going there at least once a week to relax and get rid of all the dirt and toxins, however, because of Coronavirus, they have been deprived from it for more than two months.

While the owners of these Hammams are waiting for a signal from the Moroccan government to resume their activities, Moroccans are also waiting for this magical moment of warmth, relaxation, well-being and many other rituals that make both women and men happy.

Since the Hammam cannot be replaced by any other bathroom, especially that of the house, and because its temperature and rituals are exceptional, some women in Marrakech violated the state of health emergency by going to a Hammam and thus exposing themselves to Coronavirus, some of them having been contaminated, before the authorities hastened to close it and punish its owner in accordance with the law.

Today, people are eagerly waiting for the reopening of these public baths, many of which are facing financial difficulties. The situation is so critical that it could plunge many such establishments into bankruptcy, if their closure is prolonged, especially since because doctors are constantly alerting citizens about their lack of cleanliness.

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