El Othmani: “Despite The Progress Achieved, There Is Still a Long Way to Go”

The head of government, Saâd-Eddine El Othmani, called on Friday on all Moroccans to join efforts, taking more precautions and being patient to avoid the aggravation of the situation related to the Coronavirus pandemic and to overcome these difficult circumstances with a minimum of damage.

Speaking at the opening of the Governing Council meeting, El Othmani stressed that despite the significant progress made by the Kingdom in the face of the spread of this epidemic, there is still a long way to go, said a statement read by the Minister of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, Government Spokesman, Saaid Amzazi, during a press briefing at the end of the Council.

On this occasion, the Head of Government recalled that the number of contaminated persons is increasing day by day and several citizens are placed in intensive care units.

He reaffirmed the expressions of gratitude of the Government and all the components of the Moroccan people to King Mohammed VI who has taken, wisely and with foresight, a series of decisions which have made it possible to preserve the country from the serious consequences of this health crisis and to provide financial support to large sections of the citizens affected by these circumstances.

The Head of Government also wished to thank all the members of the Government and the officials and the sectors under their supervision for their continuous efforts, as well as all the military and civil institutions of the State which mobilized behind the Sovereign and contributed with their efforts to enable the Kingdom to win this bet.

El Othmani also praised the special spirit of solidarity shown by the Moroccan people, as well as political parties, trade unions, professional and civil society associations, the media and other bodies in dealing with the repercussions of this pandemic.

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