Kosherati: Gulf Media Announce the First Kosher Caterer in the Arab Emirates

“Kosherati” is the name given to this restaurant, the first and only caterer in the Gulf region. The word “Kosherati” is simply a combination of the words “Kosher” and “Emirati”.

According to the daily Al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia reported that the Jewish community in the UAE now has its own catering service kosher, the first in the established constitutional monarchy.

The first kosher catering service in the Gulf region was launched by a member of the UAE Jewish community, who made gastronomic history with the launch of the first kosher catering service in the Gulf region.

As prominent Jewish leaders from around the world arrived in the UAE for interfaith events during the official year of tolerance last year, they sought kosher food – food that respects traditional Jewish dietary laws.

Elli Kriel, a long-time resident of Dubai who has provided kosher food to Jewish travelers over the years, noticed an increase in demand as the Year of Tolerance approached and saw an opportunity.

Kriel launched “Elli’s Kosher Kitchen,” a delivery and catering service offering certified kosher food in February 2019, two months after the Year of Tolerance was announced.

“I realized that there was an opportunity to do more and in a very risky moment, I decided to make the move,” said Kriel in an interview with Al Arabiya English.

“The recognition of our community at the same time also strengthened my confidence. I don’t think I would have done it before,” she added.

“Kosherati”: Kosher Dishes with a Touch of Emirati Cuisine

Kosherati’s menu includes Shabbat hallot, Shabbat breads, and for the holidays it is also a delicious and tasteful combination of Emirati and Jewish cuisine.

Jews in the Emirate now have their own rabbi. Rav Yehuda Sarna, originally from New York, who is not based there but makes many trips back and forth. A synagogue will open its doors in 2022 in Abu Dhabi within an interfaith complex that will also house a mosque and a church. 

This initiative is undoubtedly part of the growing recognition of the Jewish community in the Gulf that has been taking place in recent years.

Last January, the first ever Jewish baby was circumcised in the UAE.

Also, the first landing of the Emirati company Etihad Airways landed on the tarmac of the Ben-Gurion airport to bring humanitarian aid to the Palestinian Authority to fight against Coronavirus.

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