Casablanca Districts to Prepare for Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign

Casablanca authorities have started to prepare the vaccination process against the emerging Coronavirus, which will start next December.

Local sources report that the authorities have started working to provide adequate sanitary conditions to facilitate the vaccination process of citizens. These include giving instructions to all districts of Casablanca to engage in the process and reach out to those who will benefit from the vaccination.

In this regard, some districts in Casablanca have installed advertising billboards for those who wish to benefit from vaccination.

It should be noted that the Casablanca region is the most affected in terms of the number of Coronavirus infections. The proportion of those infected there constitutes about 40% of the total cases at the national level.

Nine more shipments are expected to follow-up to bring the agreed quantities specified in 10 million doses, at a rate of one million doses per shipment.

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