Covid-19: In Marrakech, a Drinking Party Becomes a Place of Contamination

A drinking party between a soldier, his girlfriend and their friends in a working-class district of Marrakech was the cause of a Covid-19 outbreak. Some time later, the soldier developed symptoms of the disease and his contamination was confirmed by a positive test. According to some sources, the man informed the medical team that he had spent the night with his girlfriend in a derb house “Mechaouri” in Sidi Youssef Ben Ali.

The authorities and police services were notified and went to the scene to identify those who had been in contact with the two lovers. It turned out that the soldier’s girlfriend is a member of a popular music group and that she hangs out with other girls who play in other similar music groups.

The area was surrounded and closed off before the relevant services began to search for possible cases based on the young woman’s description. The operation identified 30 contact persons, including members of a music band, all of whom were tested. The same sources indicate that the test results are not expected until Thursday 4 June.

The daily Assabah reports in its Friday 5 June edition that despite the restrictive measures of confinement, the soldier has agreed with his girlfriend, who plays in a music band, to spend an evening together in her house. Some time after this lively evening, symptoms appeared in the soldier, who was taken to the hospital where he tested positive. He later revealed the identity of those who attended the evening, including his military colleagues, as well as that of his girlfriend, who was quickly questioned in order to limit the spread of Covid-19 in the neighborhood.

After that evening, the soldier’s mistress hosted several parties with a band and her friends who live in the same neighborhood. All these people, about 30 in number, were taken to the hospital to be tested for the disease.

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