Sweden Eases Entry Measures for 14 Countries, including Morocco

The Kingdom of Sweden announced, on Thursday 2 July, exceptional measures concerning access to its territory for nationals of non-European countries.

These new measures decided by Stockholm will be applied from the 14th of this month and will benefit travelers from 14 countries, including Morocco. The other countries, outside the European Union, whose nationals can travel to Sweden are, in alphabetical order: Algeria, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Georgia, Montenegro, New Zealand, Rwanda, Uruguay, Serbia, Thailand, Tunisia and Turkey.

According to a press release published by the Swedish authorities, nationals of these 14 countries may therefore travel to Sweden for business, tourism or other reasons. It should be noted that the Scandinavian countries have not introduced any state of health emergency or containment measures for their citizens. Nor have they imposed any quarantine measures or mandatory testing for Covid-19 on foreign tourists.

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