Tal Benyezri: An Artist Who Sings of Life, Peace and Solidarity

Tal Benyezri is a Sephardic Jew of Arab origin. Her father is originally from Morocco. Her mother, who was also a singer and whose name is Lassim Azar, is a Jewish woman from Yemen. She was born in Hanna-Karkur, Israel, on December 12, 1989, before emigrating with her family to France when she was one year old.

Tal Benyezri grew up in Paris where she studied. Her passion for music was revealed from an early age, since her mother was a singer and her father and brother were composers.

In addition to singing, Tal Benyezri is also an actress and a dancer, just as she plays several musical instruments including piano and guitar. She has been influenced by many great international artists such as Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Arita Franklin, Michael Jackson and Bob Marley. She has also been influenced by oriental music, which remains present in many of her songs.

Tal Benyezri became famous in France in 2011, when she released her hit song “On Avance”, before her fame continued with songs and albums such as “Le droit de rêver”, “A l’infini”, “Tal” and “Juste un rêve”, not forgetting her duets with the artist Sean Paul and with L’Algérino.

In her songs, Tal Benyezri celebrates love, life, peace and solidarity between peoples, while fighting for the emancipation of women.

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