Covid-19: The LabelVie Group Perfects its Disinfection Process

Right from the start of this crisis, the LabelVie Group’s top priority has been the health of its staff, their families and that of its customers. A strict and rigorous health system has been put in place and constantly adapted to the instructions issued by the Ministry of Health and the public authorities in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Following the announcement of the lifting of quarantine, and therefore the gradual resumption of economic activity, the LabelVie Group, in close collaboration with health safety and hygiene professionals, continues to innovate to perfect its disinfection process.

In addition, in order to ensure that the products used are not harmful and that the facilities are safe, the Group has deployed a new solution to limit the risks of Coronavirus transmission. This solution consists of a disinfection lock for customers, installed in front of the entrance to the stores.

Three different disinfection systems

The customer arrives with his shopping trolley, and first of all makes it pass through the disinfection tunnel provided for this purpose; he pushes the pushbutton or pedal button that activates the disinfectant sprayer. Then the client enters the airlock and disinfects his hands using the gel provided. Before leaving the airlock, the client must rub the soles of his or her shoes on the carpet soaked in disinfectant.

After a successful test carried out in the Carrefour store in Sidi Maârouf, and a very positive feedback from customers, the LabelVie Group decided to generalize the installation of the disinfection airlock in all its stores, all brands combined, in order to cover nearly 80% of the park. The Group is going even further by installing a disinfection arch for vehicles and heavy goods vehicles accessing the Skhirat logistics platform and a disinfection tunnel for wrapped pallets of goods.

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