In Benslimane, Authorities Decide to Close the Weekly Souks

The presidents of several communes in the province of Benslimane have decided to close the weekly souks and flea markets within their territory, as a preventive measure against the spread of the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Bouznika community began this operation after its president, Mohamed Krimen, issued a decision to close the weekly souk (Khmiss Bouznika), considered one of the largest markets in the Kingdom.

Similarly, other decisions were taken to close the souks “Larbaa Benslimane” in the commune of Ziaïda, “Khmiss Sidi Bettache” in the commune of Sidi Bettache, “Jemaâ Fdalate” (Fdalate), “Jemaâ Mellila” (Mlila), “Sebt Bir El Kalb” (Bir Ennasr), “Had Frid” (Aïn Tizgha), ”Had Ouled Ziane” (Moualine El Oued), as well as the flea markets “Joutiya El Had” (Benslimane), “Tnine El Toualaa” (Ouled Ali Toualaa) and “Tlat Kedamra” (Ziaïda).

The implementation of these decisions, which became effective on the date of their signature, is entrusted to the representatives of the local authorities (caïdat and Bachaouia), as well as to the companies operating the weekly souks within the limits of their powers.

The Ministry of Interior has declared a state of health emergency and the restriction of movement in Morocco from Friday at 18:00 until further notice, as the only inevitable means to keep the Coronavirus under control.

This decision came after a series of preventive measures taken in recent days, including the suspension of international flights and the creation of a special fund dedicated to the management of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

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