Morocco: Hundreds of Passports “Blocked” in Consulates

Hundreds of citizens, wishing to receive Schengen or other visas, have submitted their passports in different consulates of foreign countries or in Transport Layer Security (TLS) agencies in different Moroccan cities.

This submission was made well before the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. But ever since, these hundreds of passports have been ” blocked “, reports the daily “Al Massae”.

During the past three months, the holders of these documents have been waiting in vain for further clarification on the situation of their visa applications. This uncertainty has been going on for three months, while several European countries are preparing to reopen their borders in the first week of July, the same source said.

However, both consulates and TLS agencies have been silent following a sudden interruption in visa procedures due to the Coronavirus. The citizens who have submitted their requests do not know what to do.

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