MyMaroc: A New Travel Platform is Launched

Following the deconfinement of the country’s largest cities and the resumption of tourism and domestic air transport, an exciting digital platform is now emerging. It is the website MyMaroc which offers a travel guide for all those who wish to discover the country in a different way.

According to its initiators, professionals from the media and the world of tourism, it is a new story that begins. The one of tourism enthusiasts who wish to see the tourism sector in Morocco develop further, and even better.

This new website wants to be a showcase of everything that makes Morocco beautiful to inspire and guide travelers.

The website includes sections such as “unusual places”, “trends” of the moment or “good tips” of tourist establishments. MyMaroc also includes a large amount of useful information such as the main tourist destinations of the country, the events agenda, or the health measures put in place by tourist establishments or the RAM or the ONDA to deal with Covid-19. 

The website even invites Internet users to take part in the adventure by becoming a “mystery customer”. Once registered, the mystery client will share his or her trip to an establishment and will be given a detailed rating sheet in order to collect all of his or her assessments of the establishment. Thanks to this system, MyMaroc hopes to collect comments from real customers and give real ratings to the establishments.

The website as well as the ratings are updated on a daily basis. News from the Moroccan tourism sector as well as current offers are sent weekly by means of a newsletter to a qualified database. In a few days, MyMaroc’s offer will be completed by a mobile application compatible with IOS and Android.

Given that the tourism sector is in difficulty during this launch phase, MyMorocco is not at all in a commercial approach, but rather in a citizen approach in order to accompany Moroccan tourism operators in their recovery by providing them with real support. 

At the same time, MyMaroc wants to be a source of information and suggestions for all travelers wishing to travel around Morocco.

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