Habiba Al Madkouri: The Extraordinary Actress

The Moroccan poet Ahmed Tayeb Laalj described her as a very special actress. Habiba Al Madkouri embodied her roles so amazingly that she completely detached herself from her true personality to merge with the characters she played.

Habiba Al-Madkouri passed away in 2011, leaving behind many works that Moroccan audiences will remember forever.

She was discovered by journalist Abdallah Chakroun who hired her on national radio while she was still in high school, after being amazed by her voice and perfect pronunciation. In a short time, she became one of the most prominent voices on the radio. Later, he integrated her into the national radio crew and gave her the most complex roles. Thus she played in more than 3000 radio plays.

Habiba Al-Madkouri also presented her famous show “Problems and Solutions” on the radio for seven years, before being captivated by theater and television, thus becoming the first Moroccan woman to set foot on stage.

She joined the group ” Founoun ” (Arts), chaired by the actor and director Mohammed Hassan Al Joundi. There, she spent about twenty years and played her most famous roles.

Habiba Al-Madhouri was born in 1927. She was one of the first Moroccan women to dare to enter the world of art, at a time when it was considered a bad thing. She began her career in the early 1950s, working alongside distinguished artists such as Amina Rachid, as well as other pioneers, such as Larbi Doghmi, Hammadi Ammor, Mohammad Hassan Al-Joundi, Hammadi Attounsi, Abderrazzaq Hakam, etc. She played in most of the outstanding works that have made a mark in the history of Moroccan theater and television.

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