Hebrew Courses in Moroccan Darija

The “Mimouna” association, which works to promote the Moroccan Jewish cultural heritage, offers free Hebrew courses for those who wish to learn it at a distance.

These digital courses have been available since June on the association’s Facebook page. They are given via Moroccan dialectal Arabic (Darija) by Youssef Safin, the association’s representative in Marrakech. The latter explains in Arabic and Hebrew the different lessons on names, pronouns, days of the week, the Hebrew alphabet, the origins of Hebrew, the differences between ancient and modern Hebrew, etc.

These digital courses were developed due to the health emergency measures that prevented those wishing to learn this language from attending the courses provided by the association in Rabat.

These lessons have been the subject of interest from the association’s followers on the internet. Some of these followers wished to have a book in the form of a downloadable PDF file or in paper format, while other Internet users, particularly from the Gulf countries, have also expressed their interest in learning Hebrew.

It should be noted that the “Mimouna” association was founded on April 7, 2007. Its aim is to preserve Moroccan Jewish culture, to consolidate peaceful coexistence between Jews and Muslims and to raise awareness among Moroccan youth of the Jewish heritage.

The idea of creating this association emerged at Al Akhawayn University in a workshop bearing the same name, before being transformed into an association, which was founded and is chaired by Mehdi Bodra, who is among the 100 most influential personalities in Jewish life for 2018.

The association chose the name Mimouna in reference to a Jewish holiday celebrated in the Maghreb in collaboration with Muslims on the last night of the Passover holiday.

Since its creation, this association has published a number of booklets on the history of Jews in Morocco.

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