A Moroccan Woman Organizes the First Digital Oriental Fashion Week

Under the influence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the fashion industry is reinventing itself and changing its habits. Now is the time for innovation, thus the Oriental Fashion Show, which was founded by the Moroccan Hind Joudar, will be no exception to this new rule.

The event has a habit of criss-crossing the world, from a country to another, in order to retrace the mixed history of oriental fashion and to showcase an often little-known heritage. This time around, the event will explore the field of the virtual in order to better understand the future.

The program of this digital fashion week will include interviews with the personalities who have accompanied the event’s journey along the Silk Road and Andalusia, as well as filmed retrospectives of the Oriental Fashion Show’s most beautiful runways since its creation.

Webinars with the designers participating in the event will also be held throughout the week to define the shape of tomorrow’s fashion, to look into the future of the industry and to understand the new challenges that lie ahead.

By going digital, the Oriental Fashion Show is part of an innovative approach, accessible to all and eco-responsible to put the designer at the center of a reflection on the renewal of fashion, but also Fashion Weeks.

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