Gas Cylinder: The Government Reassures Moroccans

Morocco has “a sufficient stock to meet the national need for gas cylinders with an autonomy of 40 days”, assured, this Friday in Mohammedia, the Minister of Energy, Mines and Environment, Aziz Rebbah.

“This stock is replenished monthly by the reception of gas cylinders through the various gas terminals and mainly the port of Mohammedia,” Rebbah said during a visit to the Moroccan Storage Company (SOMAS).

“The existing stocks will have to guarantee an average reserve stock of 22 days for the months of March, April and May, levels above the consumption needs”, the minister explained.

“In addition, SOMAS, which manages the stock for the major players in the sector, has decided to increase the reserve stock to 40 days”, he added.

The minister stressed that, despite the exceptional high demand in recent days, “the market remains regularly supplied thanks to new purchases confirmed by operators, which not only allows us to maintain current stocks, but also to improve them for the next 3 months”.

As a strategic player in the country’s gas cylinders supply chain, SOMAS has more than 72% of the national storage capacity.

Reception, storage and delivery activities are continuing under normal conditions for the Company and all gas operators, it was further assured during this visit.

In line with the national strategy to fight the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19), all preventive health and safety measures have been implemented in the sector, coupled with the timely activation of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure the supply of the national market.

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