Designers, cooperatives and moroccan craftsmen take on an incredible challenge and innovate during COVID 19 !

The first market place which we are all fans dedicated to the talented designers, cooperatives and moroccan craftsmen operating internationally ! 

Our story is the culmination of a dream, the fruit of four years of hard work. 

When she put her suitcases in Morocco approximately ten year ago, Magali discovered « craftsmen-artists » with incredible talents. It is here that the idea to dedicate a market place in which their expertise will be honored and be accessible to the world grew in her mind. 

When Magali told her story to Ines and Selma, they fell in love and this is where CHIC INTEMPOREL became not only the logical continuation but also the fusion of our skills and the sum of our desires. The story of our shared wills in the service of a project, a shared dream. 

Our values 

Honor the work of our designers and craftsmen by allowing them to live with dignity from their work. 

Reinventing a luxury, made with authenticity and ancestral expertise, cultivate an art of living at your image, this is what matters the most to us. 

Acting in solidarity, with ethics, while being sustainable for the local development and the preservation of the environment, this is our promise. 

Our engagements 

• Guarantee the independence of craftsmen 

• Helping the development of women’s cooperatives 

• Contribute to the improvement of working conditions and the empowerment of women while respecting the ecosystem and biodiversity 

• Encouraging talents 

• Promote true craftmanship and the quality of its products 

• Give full meaning to the principle of of fair trade and the promotion of sustainable development. 

« Few things are impossible for one who is diligent and competent. Great works spring not from strenght but from perseverance » Samuel Johnson. offers handmade products, in limited series with something in common : elegance. Why elegance ? because it is timeless… 

« fashion passes, elegance remains» Coco Chanel ? 

Our sellers supports you for your interior and exterior decoration and help make your living spaces a true haven of peace. 

Let yourself be seduced by the refinement and authenticity of a handbag, an elegant outfit, a tote bag or a unique clutch. 

For your interiors, bed-cover, plaid, blanket, …nothing like these traditional materials to gently envelop our bodies and our minds. 

Want a chic and ethnic touch in your living room ? Think about a rug, it will bring a a personal and unique identity to the space. Of all, the berber rug is without a doubt one of the big winners, the one who symbolises the perfect mix between the ancestral expertise and contemporary elegance. 

Let’s not forget cushions, candels, pottery… that will immediately personalise and warm up your interior : when what seems to be a simple detail becomes essential. 

Finally, the bathroom, the decor and the natural cosmetics are not forgotten by our craftsmen who knew how to develop products with international standards with ancestral virtues.

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