Hamza Mehimdate Is Participating in “Photography: Our Beautiful Language”

The young Moroccan photographer Hamza Mehimdate participates in an Arab photographic exhibition entitled “Photography: Our Beautiful Language”.

The young Moroccan photographer Hamza Mehimdate participates in an Arab photographic exhibition entitled “Photography: Our Beautiful Language”. This virtual event, which is organized by the Iraqi Association of Photography, the Egyptian Lens Club and the Moroccan Association of the Image for the promotion of Moroccan photographic art, was launched on July 1, offering access to the works of 120 artists from Egypt, Iraq and Morocco.

This initiative of an Arab photographic exhibition is to be welcomed in more than one way, as it shows that, despite the suspension of artistic and cultural activities, creativity does not stop. On the contrary, it can help to overcome the worst moments of crisis.

Moreover, photography is a good way to immortalize events by drawing inspiration from the daily life of society. This is precisely what young Mehimdate did during the whole period of confinement, knowing that he stayed in Paris and was unable to return to his country because of the announcement of the suspension of flights between Morocco and France.

He admits that it was not easy for him, but that he took advantage of this difficult period to prepare an exhibition on health containment that he will present, very soon, in Rabat.

Hamza gave it the title “The call of the soul at the time of Corona”. These are self-portraits that tell the story of his suffering during this period.

“I was, indeed, inspired by this pandemic and I made photos that convey to people messages of peace of mind and spiritual well-being, in order to protect themselves and others in the most difficult moments. I managed to do several portraits in my room and I even took several pictures outside,” says Hamza Mehimdate.

He adds that “during this period, I had time to do research on photographic art and its different categories, to study image processing, and I learned a lot about this field. I learned to be patient and to think about a lot of things that I didn’t have in mind before. I realized how our life can change from one day to the next, and that we have to accept everything and stay strong and serene,” Hamza says.

Hamza Mehimdate, originally from Rabat, is an enthusiastic photographer who has decided to make a career out of photography. Thus, since his adolescence, he has never stopped perfecting himself to become a recognized photographic artist. Accordingly, he has participated in numerous training workshops, competitions and exhibitions, including his beautiful project on “The Moroccan Kasbahs: Magic and Beauty of History”, which was exhibited at the National Library, in addition to a documentary and a beautiful book.

He participated in several competitions, including that of Naser Ben Hamed (2016), followed by being awarded with the Brukmer Golden Artistic Awards in Brussels (2017). A photo of his was also selected to appear in the book “The best photos of the world” (2018, France).

His photographic journey has only just begun, because Hamza has a lot of ambition and the will to go far in this field.

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