Osnat Hila Mark: I Pray for the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Morocco and Israel

The Moroccan Jew Osnat Hila Mark is one of the most important actors in the Israeli “Knesset”, where she has held many positions and chaired a number of important committees. She was born in Beer-Sheva in 1967 and grew up in Ofaqim. Her parents immigrated from Morocco to Israel in 1956.

In an interview with http://www.moroccojewishtimes.com/, Osnat Hila Mark recalls her childhood in Israel, saying: “My parents lived for years believing that they were subjected to great injustice. The dreams they had hoped for turned into a dark reality. Many Moroccan Jews experienced the same disillusionment and were shocked that they had to live a totally different life than they did in Morocco, the only Islamic country where Jews have always lived in safety and harmony with Muslims. The Alaouite monarchs have always respected the Jews and considered them as equal citizens.”

Osnat Hila Mark studied law and opened a law firm specializing in family matters. Within a short time she managed to build a good reputation for her high level of expertise and professionalism. Describing her background, she says: “I grew up knowing the suffering that Moroccan Jews, including my parents, endured during the first years of immigration to the new state, which treated them as second-class citizens and made them suffer. This gave me a powerful motivation to learn, to move forward and to strive for success. I have always wanted to prove that Moroccan Jews and their children are neither inferior nor incompetent.”

Osnat Hila Mark had a political career in the Likud party, in which she was active for 30 thirty years. Today she is one of its most important leaders. In this regard, she points out: “Nobody supported me. I relied only on myself. Everything I have been able to achieve has been thanks to God and my own efforts. I wanted to prove that women like me, from marginalized backgrounds, could accomplish a lot through their hard work.”

Her family has always been linked to Pinto and Abehassera. She says: “My parents did not make any decisions without consulting the rabbis and asking for their blessings. I have followed up on that. My relationship with Bishop Pinto is a strong spiritual one. My children and my husband want to have his blessing for all the actions they take.”

Regarding the relationship between Morocco and Israel, she said that it is a highly important relationship, continuing: ” His Majesty the King loves Moroccan Jews, whether those living in Israel or those still living in the kingdom, and they They love him just as much. Israel is very interested in establishing diplomatic relations with Morocco. Personally, I pray that this will happen.”

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