Mourad Asmar Launches a New Song

The Moroccan artist Mourad Asmar will launch a new song this weekend as a tribute to mothers. The song was originally set to be released on Mother’s Day, but the state of health emergency has delayed this project, forcing Asmar to use the technique of “Selfie”, as he was unable to film a video clip in the proper form.

Having believed in this project and having been willing to support it, many journalists, artists and influencers participated in this song entitled “Radia Alia”, which was produced by FMB and whose lyrics and music are by Mourad Asmar, who has become accustomed to writing and composing his own songs. The musical cast was supervised by Oussama Jazoulit.

“Radia Alia” joins other hit songs that Mourad Asmar has already produced and launched on “YouTube” and other platforms. These songs include “Ya Mraya”, “Alach Ya achamaa”, “Sayyad naam” and “Bayan alik a kalbi”, as well as “Dragon Ball”, dedicated to children, without forgetting the other songs he wrote for other artists such as his wonderful song “Sabiya”, which was performed by Asmaa Lamnawar in her album “Ando Zain” and which was a great success.

Contrary to what is currently widespread, Mourad Asmar’s songs are of a distinguished level and are often based on inspiring stories and enlightening tales, not forgetting their melodies which are marked by melancholy.

Having lived in Egypt for a long time, Mourad Asmar masters many Arab musical genres, just as he brilliantly performs the songs of Oum Kalthoum in addition to modern and popular Moroccan songs. He is also known for the delightful way in which he sings the songs of Naïma Samih, whom he adores. In fact, he has almost the same voice as Naïma Samih, to the point that when listening to him sing, you would think it was Naïma Samih.

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