Naima Samih: King Hassan II Favorite

The great artist Naima Samih has a special place in the hearts of Moroccans who have showed her love over the years for her beautiful voice and the quality songs that give positive impacts in the Moroccan society.

She emerges from a common family living a simple life in the economic capital of Morocco, Casablanca. She never travelled abroad but always considered as the icon and the pillar of the Moroccan song as she managed to make all Arabs listen to her songs. The proof is that her song “Yak A Jarhi” becomes famous and was played by all the Arab countries that time.

Naima Samih, who was born in the 50s, bravely intruded the music world early in the 60s, a time when only men were dominating the field. She was able to make a name for herself thanks to her perseverance, talent and determination to succeed. Her strong voice and pure talent was a great strength for her during her fight.

Naima sang a series of masterpieces that enriched the Moroccan song records such as “Ala Ghafla  Maqrit Hsabou”, “Ghab Alia Lhlal”, “Shkun Yamar Had Dar”, and many other beautiful songs.

 She performed alongside the legendary musician Abdelwahab Doukali showing her strong love for her beloved country. Her song “Jari Ya Jari” also was dedicated to the beloved Algeria in the light of the conflict between Algeria and Morocco.

Samih had a special status with the late King Hassan II. A status no other Moroccan artist will ever achieve. He loved her voice and treated her with high respect and regard. He used to invite her in his palace to sing some of her beautiful songs.

 Naima remains humble and flexible, she let her good spirit touch every soul she met. Despite her fame, status and all her glory, she remained faithful to her root and never moved away from her hood “Boushentoug” in the city of Casablanca.

Her health became an issue due to the illness she suffered from. It took her away from the eye of the public for years.

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