The Actor Rafik Boubker Back in Court

Boubker attended a court hearing on Tuesday 14 July at the Ain Sebaâ court in Casablanca, according to a source in the Moroccan press.

The actor was granted provisional freedom after his arrest. This was after the video recording in which he made comments deemed “blasphemous” for the Muslim religion. Rafik Boubker is also accused of having violated the measures of the state of health emergency, as well as his failure to wear a protective mask.

It should be recalled that the actor’s arrest was widely discussed on social networks, even though he had been assured that he was drunk and that he was not aware of what he may have said.

Although several Internet users have expressed their support for Rafik Boubker, others, more strongly, have demanded that he answer before the courts for his “blasphemy” and his unspeakable statements about the imams of the mosques.

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