Rafik Boubker’s Trial: The Judge’s Decision

The Casablanca court of first instance in Ain Sebaâ ordered the postponement of the trial of actor Rafik Boubker. Thus, the next hearing has been set for next September.

More precisely, according to a source in the Moroccan press, Boubker will be back in court on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. The charges against him are his blasphemous remarks about the Muslim religion and his insults against the imams of the mosques. A video, which was widely distributed and commented on social networks, testifies to the facts against the actor.

These acts occurred during a drunken evening with friends. “The comments made by Rafik Boubker deserve to be severely punished by justice,” said some Internet users. While other citizens would like justice to be lenient, given that the actor apologized and explained that he was not in “his normal state”.

As a reminder, the actor was taken into custody overnight. He was released on a bail of 5000 DH and the competent public prosecutor’s office ordered his continuation in a state of provisional liberty.

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