The People of Casablanca Are Willing to Pay for a Chillout

Given the continued closure of municipal swimming pools and aqua-parks, Casablanca residents are rushing to the beaches. The latter are even more populated than usual, despite the very particular situation due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus.

Between the desire to return to summer activities after 3 months of confinement and the need to remain cautious, a contradiction has arisen: while many people are having a good time and decide to ignore the health measures in public places, namely social distancing and wearing masks, others prefer to escape the crowds and nest in private beaches, even if it means paying the price.

Indeed, for a day in the sun, with deckchair, umbrella and access to the swimming pool, one should plan between 200 and 250 dirhams for the day. Despite the crisis, prices have not increased.

Although it is not within the reach of all purses, regulars go there because they feel safe.

According to Dr. Jamal Bakhat, president of the Moroccan Society of Public Health and Hygiene Doctors, Coronavirus cannot be transmitted in a pool that has been properly treated. Chlorine kills the virus and prevents water contamination. On the other hand, it can be transmitted by sprays, hence the need to respect the distance measures even in a swimming pool.

What is certain is that sanitary measures are required. According to the testimonies, as soon as you enter the establishment, temperature taking, hydro-alcoholic freezing and the wearing of a mask are mandatory. Masks are offered to clients who have forgotten their own.

Beaches Where Swimming Should Be Avoided

As regards to the beaches that should be avoided, in the cities of Rabat and Casablanca, the department of the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Environment has presented the reports on the quality of bathing water and sand of the Kingdom’s beaches. This document shows that most of the observed beaches are clean, since the compliance rate reaches 87.68%. However, summer visitors should not go to the beaches of Chahdia and Petit Zenata towards Casablanca, as well as those of Rabat and Salé.

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