His Majesty Sends his Condolences to the Botbol Family

In a beautiful human act, His Majesty King Mohammed VI sent a message of condolence and compassion to the Botbol family, one of Morocco’s most famous Jewish artistic families, following the death of musician Marcello Botbol.

In the same message, which was reported by the Moroccan media, His Majesty expressed his deep sorrow following the death of Marcello Botbol, as well as his compassion for his small family, his great artistic family and all members of the Jewish community in Morocco, “who have just lost a talented artist who enriched the national musical heritage with several distinguished creations inspired by the authentic Moroccan Jewish heritage,” the royal message noted.

Botbol died last Wednesday in a Paris hospital, where he was hospitalized after being infected with Coronavirus a few weeks ago, an infection that caused complications that were worsened by his advanced age.

Many friends of the deceased and members of the Moroccan Jewish community expressed their grief following the loss of this artistic and human icon, among them Ravi Idri, one of the friends of the deceased who considered that Morocco has lost a great man and a historical figure known for his humanity and art, and Maurice El-Baz who said that his death was a “great loss for the country.”

Botbol, who owns a famous restaurant in Tangier, was visiting his family in France, where his wife and daughter reside, when symptoms of the infection began to appear. He was quickly transferred to the hospital, before going into a coma. The news of his death was spread through social networks, before his family published a denial.

Marcello Botbol belongs to one of the most famous Jewish artistic families in Morocco. He is the son of the musician Jacob Botbol, known for his remarkable performance of Malhoun. His brother is none other than the singer Haïm Botbol. He formed with his father and brothers a musical group, which became famous for its popular songs that have been appreciated by generations of Moroccans.

Marcello Botbol also had a cinematic experience through the film “Midnight Orchestra” by the Jewish Moroccan director Jérôme Cohen Olivar, in which he played alongside the famous Moroccan comedian Gad El Maleh.

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