Rajae Belmlih: The Sweet Voice

Rajae Belmlih is one of the most important Moroccan and Arab singers. She has contributed to the music library of the Arab world with a collection of sophisticated songs and creations that have marked her name among one of the most outstanding singers of all time.

She was born in 1962 into a modest family and grew up listening to authentic tarab and songs by legends of Arab music. These include Oum Kalthoum, Asmahan, Abdel Halim Hafez, Farid El Atrache, and Mohamed Abdel Wahab.

She loved art, however, she dedicated most of her time to her studies, until the opportunity to participate in the famous “Adwaa Al Madina” music competition presented itself. Under the supervision of the Moroccan producer Hamid Alaoui, she surpassed all the participants and managed to win the competition.

Moroccan composers loved Rajae Belmlih’s soft voice, her exceptional sensitivity and wonderful vocal abilities, but they also loved her maturity and knowledge. As a result, they endorsed her as an artist of choice.

Belmlih has worked with some of Morocco’s greatest composers, including musician Abdelkader Rachdi, Ahmed El Bidaoui, Hassan Al-Qadmiri and Abdellah Isami. She has also worked with renowned poets such as Abderrafi Jouahri. These fabulous artistic collaborations have resulted in a series of beautiful musical works, including her debut album “Ya jara wadina”.

Rajae followed her musical path in Egypt, where she moved at the beginning of the 90s, after meeting the great Egyptian composer Jamal Salama at a song festival in Baghdad. He liked her voice and encouraged her to try her luck in the ” Hollywood of the East “, and that is indeed what Rajae did. Her fresh start came through new albums and songs that were very successful in the Arab world, such as “Sabri Alik Tal” and “Ya Rhayeb” among others. She continued to collaborate with famous names such as Hamid El Shaeri, Mohamed Diya’, Helmy Bakr and Salah El Sharnoubi, before the Gulf opened its doors to her, more precisely the UAE. She then became a citizen of the UAE, having established herself as the favorite singer of Sheikha Fatima, the wife of the country’s founder, Zayed Ben Sultan Al Nahyane.

At a time when the star’s success continued to spread across the Arab horizons, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. This stopped her musical career and caused her death on September 2, 2007, when she was only 45 years old. The Moroccans as well as the Arab world grieved over the loss of this beautiful and talented singer at the peak of her career.

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