Rabbi Pinto Leaves Morocco for Paris for Medical Treatment

The Moroccan Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto left Morocco Monday morning in his private jet, to a clinic in Paris to receive medical treatment. This flight was arranged following the deterioration of the Rabbi’s health and the failure of medication to stabilize him.

Rabbi Pinto has been suffering for days from a fever that doctors have been unable to bring down. This has affected his health and made it difficult for him to speak for extended periods of time and to walk. The Rabbi also suffers from dizzy spells, the most recent of which occurred during a circumcision ceremony for a child of a Moroccan Jewish family, after which the Rabbi fainted directly following the end of the ceremony as he was walking to his car.

According to medical diagnosis, Rabbi Pinto has been suffering for weeks from a bacterial infection, which necessitated his transfer to a hospital in Marrakech, where all his tests were carried out, proving that he was not suffering from Coronavirus, contrary to rumors.

Despite suffering from cancer and having a precarious physical condition, Rabbi Pinto has made sure to give lessons to his disciples and students through live feeds on his two official pages on Facebook and Instagram, which thousands of Jews around the world follow. He is also keen to provide kosher food to the Moroccan Jewish community, thus he himself supervises the slaughtering process, especially during Jewish religious holidays.

Prior to leaving Morocco, the rabbi insisted on visiting the grave of his grandfather Haim Pinto in Casablanca. He was accompanied by a group of his students from the religious school (yeshiva) which he founded in the synagogue “Beth El” in the economic capital. During this visit, Rabbi Pinto prayed for the recovery and well-being of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, as well as for the security and stability of the people and the Kingdom of Morocco.

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