Maxime Announces His Marriage at an Artistic Evening

The Moroccan artist of Jewish origin, Maxime Karoutchi, finally announced his marriage, while he was the guest of the program “Lila Sahratna” on 2M. This program is produced by the musician Abdeslam Khaloufi and presented by Ibtissam Koutaibi. Maxime said that he was not able to organize a big wedding nor was he able to celebrate this ceremony, mainly because of the spread of Coronavirus and the prohibition of gatherings as part of the state of health emergency imposed by the Moroccan authorities.

Karoutchi considered that the show, which offers different segments to the audience, one of which is to present the traditions of Moroccan weddings, suits the atmosphere of the happy event he is celebrating these days. He also stressed that he feels as though he is celebrating the ceremony that the Coronavirus has deprived him of.

Besides Karoutchi, several other Moroccan artists also took part in this program. These included the star of “The Voice” Najat Rajoui, Loubna Jaouhari and Walid Rahmani.

As the last popular Jewish singer in Morocco, Karoutchi is keen to preserve the “Chgouri” artistic heritage.

Maxime Karoutchi was born in Casablanca in 1965 into a family of artists from Essaouira, where they had settled since their arrival from Andalusia. His grandfather was a leader of music band, while his father, who was known as the Moroccan Karoutchi, managed a famous orchestra in the economic capital, which performed numerous wedding ceremonies for the former Jewish and Muslim families of Casablanca in the 1970s. His brother Mike is also a musician.

Karoutchi studied music at the Casablanca Municipal Conservatory, where he learned the basics of music theory and the organ, which he loved. He learned a lot from his father, in fact, his first opportunity to play in his orchestra came when one of the musicians was away. Maxime replaced him, at the request of his mother who managed to convince his father of his talent. This marked the beginning of his career, which remains outstanding to this day.

Maxime’s family arrived in Casablanca at the beginning of the 1950s from Essaouira. They settled in the medina of the economic capital, and more exactly in the alleyway of the English, where our artist was born and lived most of his childhood.

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