Lebanon: A Moroccan Journalist Gets Injured in Beirut Explosion (VIDEO)

BBC Arabic cameras were present at the time of the double and terrible explosion that hit the Lebanese capital.

While interviewing her guest, the Moroccan journalist Meriem Toumi was injured as the window of her office was shattered by the explosion.

This happened before the shocked eyes of the show’s guest, Fayçal El Assil, Director of Projects at the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy.

The Moroccan presenter, however, had the strength to get up after her fall in order to warn her colleagues about the explosion and to urge them to leave the emergency location.

Following the release of the video, which was widely shared and commented on on social networks, Meriem Toumi, from the city of Guelmim, was keen to reassure her family, relatives and friends about her state of health.

The video footage shows that she suffers from several injuries, including bruises on her face. It also shows the material damage caused by the explosion at the office where the interview was taking place.

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