The Moroccan Hospital in Beirut Receives a Large Number of Victims of the Explosion

the Moroccan military field hospital in Beirut, which was sent under the high instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, is receiving a large number of victims of the explosion at the city’s port.

Many patients have been flocking to receive the necessary care in the various specialties since the launch of the Moroccan hospital’s services on 10 August. This illustrates Morocco’s strong commitment to provide all kinds of assistance to the Lebanese people. Indeed, the hospital has been treating a record number of patients every day since its establishment, thus demonstrating the Kingdom’s values of solidarity with this brotherly country.

The recipients have expressed their appreciation to King Mohammed VI for the deployment of this field hospital, saying that it has greatly enhanced the efforts to alleviate the suffering of the victims. In this regard, they commended the quality of the various health services (medical examinations, consultations, analyses, distribution of medicines and surgical interventions) provided by the hospital’s medical staff.

In the words of one of the patients: “It is thanks to the Moroccan hospital that I was able to undergo a delicate surgical operation. I would not have been able to carry it beforehand because of its high financial cost”.

Similarly, the director of the field hospital, Professor Chekkar Kacem, stressed that the hospital receives daily a large number of patients who wish to benefit from medical care, particularly those affected by the explosion that shook the port of Beirut.

“The hospital’s medical staff is keen to continue offering high-quality medical services to the patients and people affected by the explosion, of all nationalities,” he said, highlighting the humanitarian and solidarity nature of the Moroccan initiative towards the Lebanese.

Professor Chekkar Kacem added that, regardless of the high volume of patients in the hospital, the medical staff are doing their best to provide all patients with the necessary health services, in compliance with the preventive measures against the Coronavirus epidemic.

There are 150 staff members at this field hospital, including 45 doctors from various specialties (resuscitators, surgeons, trauma, ENT, ophthalmologists, burns treatment, neurosurgeons, paediatricians, pharmacist), as well as specialized nurses and support staff.

It should be noted that His Majesty King Mohammed VI had ordered urgent medical and humanitarian assistance to be sent to the Lebanese Republic. The urgent Moroccan humanitarian and medical aid directed to Lebanon arrived at Beirut International Airport on the 7th of July. The Sovereign had also given his high instructions for the dispatch and deployment in Beirut of a military field hospital to provide emergency medical care to the people injured in this incident.

A total number of at least 178 people were killed and nearly 6,000 injured in the deadly explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital, while dozens of others are still missing.

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