Israel Honors Shimon Peres’ Visit to Morocco and his Meeting with Hassan II

The page of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs “Israel Speaks Arabic” highlighted the official visit of Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres to Morocco, where he held talks with the late Hassan II. This event was accompanied by great controversy on the Arab and world political scene.

The page shared many photos of the visit, under the title “Pages from the past: Israel, Morocco and diplomatic negotiation … on this day … Shimon Peres’ visit to Morocco”.

The page administrators described the visit as follows: “Morocco’s role was important in mediating between Egypt and Israel over the years, before the signing of the peace treaty, and also between Israel and Palestine. As part of the mediation efforts, Morocco was among the first countries in the Arab world to accept visits from Israeli officials”. They added that: “As today, July 22, 1986, Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres visited King Hassan II in Morocco in the touristic city of Ifrane, may God rest their souls”.

The page, which has many Arab subscribers, affirmed that the Moroccan and Israeli peoples are united by deep bonds of love and brotherhood. It also stated that the largest Jewish community in Israel that came from Africa and the Middle East is the one originally from Morocco.

There were many comments on the picture, most of which were words of praise for the wisdom of the late King of Morocco, his rational policies and his major role in the Arab-Israeli conflict, despite the problems he’s had with the Arab world.

Moroccan Jews adore King Hassan II, especially since he loved and protected them as his father before him, King Mohamed V, had done by refusing to sell the Jews to the Vichy Nazi government during colonization, as they were Moroccans, like their Muslim fellow citizens. This has remained in the memory of generations of Moroccan Jews, who still keep his photos in their homes and mourn his premature death, even after they left Morocco for Israel.

Similar love is shared with His Majesty King Mohamed VI by Moroccan Jews today.

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