Israel Has Developed a Vaccine Against Coronavirus

The Israel Institute for Biological Research announced that it will begin testing the newly developed Coronavirus vaccine next September. The announcement was made after all the initial tests on animals have been successfully carried out, as reported by the Israeli media and the social media page “Israel Speaks Arabic”, which shares all the news about the Hebrew state.

The institute said the tests on humans will be carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, in strict compliance with safety and security standards for volunteers. Also, according to the page, the president of the institute said that the institute has developed an excellent and successful vaccine against this deadly virus, and that he is proud of it.

For his part, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu expressed his joy at the achievements of the biological institute. He had a video call with its director, Professor Shmuel Shapira, and congratulated the heads of the research teams for their progress in the development of the vaccine.

The vaccine will probably be available to all Israeli citizens by early 2021, and might be sold to other countries.

Russia has already announced, about a week ago, its success in developing a Coronavirus vaccine, which will be provided to its citizens starting next September, says the Russian media. Other countries such as France, the United States and Great Britain are still in the process of carrying out advanced research to find the vaccine, hoping to see results early next year. Meanwhile, Germany and China have announced a trial of a vaccine against the virus, which they have developed in cooperation, and have begun clinical trials on humans, after giving the first dose to 72 volunteers, waiting to see the results in the coming weeks.

Developed countries are competing to find a vaccine for the virus that has attacked and turned the world upside down. They are ready to buy billions of doses for their citizens, and have invested billions of dollars in scientific research to find an effective vaccine.

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