The Princess Lalla Asmae: Protector of the Weak

HRH Princess Lalla Asmae rarely appears on television or in the media, except on official occasions. Her relatives say that she does not like to be in the spotlight and that she prefers to live a simple and quiet life, like any ordinary citizen.

She is the youngest daughter of the late HM King Hassan II and the sister of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. She was born in Rabat on September 29, 1965. Like her sisters and brothers, she was educated at the Royal College, before her father entrusted her, despite her young age, with many social missions.

HRH Princess Lalla Asmae is known for her special attention to the vulnerable and marginalized, especially children with special needs. She is also known for the protection she provides to animals. That is why she is a member of the Association for the Protection of Animals in Distinction. She also chairs the Moroccan Association for the Deaf and Dumb, which, since its creation more than forty years ago, has provided specialized education to this social category.

HRH Lalla Asmae is personally committed to the quality of such education by ensuring the availability of the necessary equipment to facilitate learning, as well as the establishment of workshops qualifying in vocational training in sectors such as model making, hairdressing, culinary arts, computer science, etc. And it is thanks to the efforts of HRH that the association provides education and schooling for more than 100 children per year.

In addition to her concerns about social work, Princess Lalla Asmae pays particular attention to the minute details of the education of her children, Lalla Nahaïla and Moulay El Yazid, which she had from her husband, Khaled Bouchentouf, son of Moroccan politician and businessman Beliot Bouchentouf, a founding member of the National Rally of Independents, with whom she married in 1986.

Lalla Asma was awarded the Order of the Throne in 2013, just as she received the British, Belgian and Spanish Royal Medals.

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