The President of Honduras Asks Rabbi Pinto to Pray for Him

The President of Honduras, Juan Orlando Hernandez, urged the Moroccan Rabbi Pinto to pray for him during one of his religious lessons following his Coronavirus infection. The president spent weeks in hospital before his recovery.

The 51-year-old president offered to send a private jet for the rabbi to meet him personally and get his direct blessing, after hearing about the powers and miracles he inherited from his wise ancestors, who hold a special place and are highly respected among the Israelites.

The President also suggested that Rabbi Pinto invite the Jewish community, especially his wealthy followers, to invest in his country, saying that he will facilitate all procedures and provide them with all the necessary conditions during their stay.

The Moroccan rabbi was unable to travel to Honduras in Latin America because of the pandemic situation of the coronavirus and because of his unstable health situation.

The Rabbi is currently preparing to open a new “Shuva Israel”, the first of its kind in Honduras, a new subsidiary of the organization which joins others around the world.

Rabbi Pinto has good relations with many leaders and presidents whom he has already met and who are supportive of his organization and its charities. This is the case with many Jewish businessmen around the world.

The Rabbi was appointed president of the Jewish court in Casablanca about a year ago. He also founded a Yeshiva (religious school) in the Beth El synagogue in Casablanca, which is attended by many students from the Jewish community living in Morocco. Today the Rabbi travels between Israel and the United States to invite Moroccan and foreign Jews to invest their money in this country.

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